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Cross-Border e-Commerce

Cross-Border e-commerce refers to the transaction subject of different customs, through the e-commerce platform to achieve transactions, payment and settlement, and cross-border logistics service goods, the completion of an international business transactions.

A prerequisite for the successful development of cross-border electricity business is to establish a cross-border import electricity supplier platform. This platform must be approved by the China customs, and can immediately order, payment, logistics and other information to the customs declaration in real time.

One-stop System Services

「跨境通」One-stop System Services - Including: 'Goods Record Management' and Online Store Systems (with API interface) - 「e-Shop」。

「e-Shop」Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Platforms,Including a distribution, Cross-Border electronic business systems, payment and warehousing systems.

When the customer confirms the order payment, the system platform immediately through the API interface, order processing system, using 'three single-contrast ' connected to the China customs for clearance.

Sellers through the system platform, the seller can immediately follow up payment, shipping, and customs clearance status, full control from the supply chain to the buyer receiving process, to avoid human error and improve shipping efficiency.

Buyers through the system platform, buyers can immediately know the goods shipped, customs clearance and logistics status.

*Three single 'refers to commercial enterprises to provide declarations, payment companies to provide a list of payment, logistics enterprises to provide logistics waybill. 'Three single' data can be released after confirmation that the 'list of nuclear release, the summary declaration.'

Goods Record Management

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China customs Database

Provide China Cross-Border Logistics Methods

Cross-Border Logistics Methods

China Cross-Border eCommerce Business Flow

China Cross-Border eCommerce Business Flow

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